How To Write A Perfect Farewell Message For Hotel Guests

Effective guest communication is essential for the success of any hospitality business. As a hotelier, messaging your guests is the way to keep in touch with them and ensure that they get everything they need to enjoy their stay.

There are different types of messages you send to your guests. One of the most important ones is when you’re bidding farewell to them. 

In this article, we’ll talk about farewell messages for hotel guests, how to write it, and some free templates for you to completely get the gist of it. So, let’s start without any delays.

What Is A Farewell Message For Hotel Guest?

When you’re bidding farewell to your hotel guests, you need to send them a message to show your appreciation for their stay with you. You thank them for opting to stay with you as well as prompt them that you provided five-star services to them. 

The purpose of sending this message is to leave a lasting impression on your visitors so that they visit you again in the future. Plus, this message gives you an opportunity to ask them to leave a positive review for your place which helps in expanding your business.

Why Is Sending A Farewell Message To Hotel Guest Important?

We discussed earlier that the goal of a farewell message is to leave a strong impression. But why is leaving a strong impression on your guests important? 

When your guests leave your place happy and with a good image of you in their mind, they are likely to pick you again in the future. Apart from that, they may tell their peers about your hotel as well, so it’s a win-win situation for you. The research tells us that 72% of consumers will tell others about their good experience with a business.

Moreover, through this message you get your guests to leave you a review of your services. If it’s a good review, then you have improved your reputation which brings more customers towards your business. According to a study, 74% buyers say that reviews build trust in a business.

On the flip side, if they leave a negative review, then it helps you identify weak areas of your services and then help you improve them.

Either way, a farewell message helps your business get better overall

How To Write A Perfect Farewell Message For Hotel Guest?

Sending A farewell message to your guests is important, but writing it properly is even more crucial. If you repeat the common mistakes that most hotel managers make, you’ll do the opposite of leaving a lasting impression which is detrimental to your hospitality business. 

Let’s dive into the art of creating a perfect goodbye message for your hotel guests:

  • Make Your Message Personal

The thing is, you have to make your readers feel like they are talking to a close friend who cares about them, and to come across as a friend, you have to personalize your communication with them. 

To do that, address them by their name. People like it when they hear their name. You can also offer them a gift like a discount on their next visit to make them feel special.

  • Use Cheerful Tone

Don’t be dull when writing a goodbye message to your guests. Your guests can detect that by your choice of words. Use positive phrases like “please”, “thank you so much”, and “we would love to” to convey that you’re happy to host them.

  • A Reminder Of Your Services

Don’t forget to remind them that they had a five-star stay with you. Summarize the services that you provided them and also remind them that you did everything to make their time better.

  • Request Their Feedback

Towards the end, ask them to drop you a review after you’ve reminded them of their wonderful stay with you. Most probably, they’ll leave you a positive review if you exceed their expectations. 

In case they drop a bad rating, use it to get better in the areas where you lack.

  • Invite Them Again

Lastly, implant this idea in their minds that they can visit you again. Now you’ve done everything you can do to get them to stay with you again.

Farewell Message Templates

Above, we mentioned important tips that you need to craft a perfect farewell message for hotel guest.

Here are some examples to put into practice what we’ve just learned:

Template 1

Hi (Guest’s name),

Thank you so much for staying with us for (number of days) days. You have been a truly remarkable guest.

Our priority was to provide you with a relaxing and entertaining stay here. We hope our services have been up to the mark.

We just need a little favor from you. We would highly appreciate it if you could rate our services here (link). 

And, we also have a surprise for you. You will get a 10% discount on your next stay with us. 

We cannot wait to have you here again. 

Stay safe!

Template 2

Hello (Guest’s name),

We hope you’re well. 

We are writing this message to show our appreciation to you for choosing us over other countless options. 

We hope that during your (number of days) day stay, you enjoyed our breakfast buffet and fitness facilities. 

To help us get better, can you please take two minutes to rate your stay with us here (link)?

We look forward to hosting you again. Come soon!

Thank you for your time!

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Even though these messages are short in length, some hotel owners still make repetitive mistakes while communicating with their guests. These are some mistakes you need to avoid:

Grammar Mistakes And Typos. Grammar mistakes and typing errors damage your reputation. When you make these mistakes, you seem unprofessional. 

Long Messages. The messages you send to your guests are supposed to be short. Your visitor does not have time to read a one-page document. Be precise.

Fancy Language. Using fancy vocabulary will only make you sound vague and boring. That’s the last thing you want to do in your communication with guests.

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