One Step Closer to Being a SuperHost

An AI chatbot for Airbnb hosts that automates your post-booking FAQs and autonomously replies to Airbnb guest messages.

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Spend a lot of time replying to the same guest messages?

Make Airbnb Guest Messaging Quick and Easy

GuestGuru does the job for you.


Better Guest Connection:  Use the time saved to get to know your guests better and make their stay special.

Improve Your Space: Focus on making your Airbnb cozier and more inviting.

Expand Your Business:: Have more time to think about how to grow your Airbnb business.

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Need help to increase response time?

Quick Replies, Smiling Guests

GuestGuru maintains your response time.

24x7 Availability: Ensure every guest gets a timely reply, any time of day.

Trustworthy Support:  Be there for your guests round-the-clock, building trust.

Easier Hosting:  The AI takes care of regular questions, so you can relax and enjoy being a host.


Take over FAQs and simplify repeated communications

Handle Messages Smartly, Keep Your Personal Touch

GuestGuru manages the routine stuff, while you add the personal flair.


Set It and Forget It: Let AI deal with the usual questions quickly and accurately.

Add Your Special Touch:Spend time on messages that make your guests feel extra welcome.

Smooth Sailing Operations: Keep things running smoothly, making hosting a breeze.


Why STRs Love Guest Guru?

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Easy to se and imports information from your PMS. A very active support team and quick delivery of features.

Edi Property Manager

Guest Guru is an AI chatbot that streamlines Airbnb communications, efficiently handling guest inquiries and reducing the workload for hosts managing multiple properties.


GuestGuru can take all guest communications and pretty much automatize them, and it learns the model based on your response. It's brilliant, a time-saving tool, fantastic.

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Boost reviews, save 20hrs/week & 10x revenue with Guest Guru.