How to send automated messages on Airbnb


Are you looking to automate your Airbnb guest messages?
You are on the right track.
I’ve been in those shoes, endlessly typing out responses. 

But what I’m talking about goes beyond canned replies—it’s about having a smart system that crafts personalized messages on the fly.
You will not need to use any message templates, it’s about generating a personalized response for each different question.

The best is that you can automate the entire conversation as well.
It goes beyond automating just welcome and goodbye messages to handling entire guest communication.

A host’s dream is to automate their guest communication and save those extra hours they pour in while replying to guest queries. 

It gets frustrating I know that. Been there done that 😉

Previously it was not possible to completely automate guest communication but now AI has made it possible to automate guest messaging.
So without any delay let’s dive in and I will show you, how you can send automated guest Messages on Airbnb, VRBO,, or any other OTAs.


  • Automating Airbnb messages saves time and enhances guest satisfaction. 
  • Traditional automation solutions have limitations like a lack of personalization and technical setup hurdles. 
  • Guest Guru, an AI chatbot, provides personalized, timely responses to guest queries.
  • Features include 24/7 availability, critical inquiry escalation, and continuous learning from interactions. 
  • Integrates with Property Management Systems and works across Airbnb, VRBO, and other OTAs.

Why Quick Replies Matter

A listicle about Why do quick replies matter

As a former host, I can vouch for how crucial quick responses are. They really make or break the guest experience, right? 

How quickly you get back to guests really shapes what they think of your service. A prompt reply not only shows your attentiveness but also builds trust. this is an era where everyone is looking for instant gratification, and making your guests wait can be a deal-breaker.

Quick replies can boost your booking rates, enhance guest satisfaction, and in turn, improve your overall ratings on Airbnb. It’s not just about replying quickly, but ensuring that the responses are accurate, clear, and helpful. 

But on the flip side, a late reply can come off as careless, and guests might feel less welcomed or even start looking elsewhere.It also has a psychological effect on guests as well. When you are quick in replying you also tell the guest that you are super active and always available to ensure their stay goes smooth and they get max out of it. 

This can also serve as a justification for slightly higher prices. On the other hand, you may be late at responding and have cheap pricing which can be perceived as low-quality service.

How to Automate Messages on Airbnb

listicle on Traditional methods to automate Airbnb guest messaging methods to automate Airbnb guest messaging

There are some existing solutions to Automate messages on Airbnb. Which includes a native Airbnb feature for automated messages, using third-party tools, Zapier and IFTTT integrations, Calendar Integrations, Custom Coded Solutions, and Virtual Assistants. 

These solutions are very useful but they have their limitations as well.

Let’s explore these methods in detail.

Using Airbnb’s Built-in Feature

Airbnb’s built-in feature for automated messaging offers a basic level of automation. Hosts can preset standard replies to common queries like check-in/check-out times or Wi-Fi password requests. 

These preset messages can be triggered based on certain events or guest actions.

But from my hosting days, I remember the automation scope here felt a bit like a bird with clipped wings.

It lacks a personal touch as the responses are generic and may not address specific inquiries from guests in a personalized manner. 

Moreover, hosts still need to monitor the communication to ensure that all guest questions are adequately addressed, which might require manual intervention.

Third-Party Automation Tools

I tried a few third-party tools like Smartbnb back in the day, aiming to get my message game on point. They provide a platform for hosts to create, manage, and automate messages based on certain triggers or events like bookings, check-ins, or check-out.

Zapier Integration

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps and services. You could set up Zaps (automation) that trigger auto-responses on Airbnb based on certain actions or events. For instance, sending a welcome message when a booking is confirmed.

IFTTT Integration

Similar to Zapier, IFTTT is a free web-based service to create chains of simple conditional statements, called applets. You could create applets to automate messages on Airbnb.

Calendar Integration

Some hosts use calendar integrations to automate messages based on the booking schedule. For instance, sending a message a day before the guest’s check-in.

Custom-Coded Solutions

If you have some technical knowledge, you could create a custom-coded solution using Airbnb’s API to automate messages based on your specific needs. 

Virtual Assistants

If automation tools don’t offer the level of personalization or complexity you’re looking for, hiring a virtual assistant to manage guest communication might be a viable option. They can handle messages and common queries, freeing up your time while ensuring a personalized touch.

Where Existing Solutions Fall Short

Before we present our solution, it’s essential to understand the limitations inherent in traditional messaging automation solutions. It’s very important to understand where these conventional methods fall short. 

It’s only through the lens of a host that you can see why the old ways fall short and where the new solutions step in.

Now, let’s explore the drawbacks of traditional messaging automation solutions and how they often fail to meet the evolving demands of modern hosting on platforms like Airbnb.

1. Limited Personalization

Tools like Zapier, IFTTT, and some custom-coded stuff usually just use pre-made templates for sending out automated messages. This approach may lack the personal touch, making interactions feel as cold as leftovers from last week’s potluck. 

Each interaction tends to be generic, which might not appeal to guests seeking a more personalized interaction.

2. Complex Setup

Setting up automation through platforms like Zapier, and IFTTT or creating a custom-coded solution requires a level of technical proficiency. This setup can be daunting for hosts who are not tech-savvy, making it a less accessible solution for many. 

3. Cost

The subscription costs for some tools and the bucks you spend on virtual assistants can add up, making these options a bit pricey over time.Additionally, custom-coded solutions might require hiring a developer, which also adds a significant cost.

4. Maintenance and Oversight

While these solutions can automate responses, they still require regular oversight to ensure that they are functioning correctly and to update message templates as needed. This maintenance can be time-consuming and negate some of the time-savings from automation.

5. Lack of Adaptability

Unlike AI solutions, these old-school methods don’t learn from past chats or adapt to different guest needs.They can’t offer insights or improve their performance over time, which is crucial for providing a personalized guest experience.

6. Delayed Responses

Some solutions may have delays in sending out messages or may not have real-time syncing with the Airbnb platform, which could potentially lead to slower response times, negatively impacting the guest’s perception of the host’s attentiveness.These limitations underline the challenges hosts face in finding an effective, easy-to-use solution for automating guest communication while still maintaining a high level of personalization and responsiveness.We tried out regular automation tools and found they had some issues. Now, from a host turned marketing guru, let me introduce you to a nifty AI buddy: Guest Guru. 

It’s like a smart assistant for hosts. It uses AI to make your guest communication better. No more boring, robotic messages. It makes things personal, so your guests feel special. 

Introducing Guest Guru

Guest Guru is an AI chatbot for property managers, owners, and hosts. It autonomously replies to post-booking guest inquiries. It uses the property information to respond to guest queries. It integrates with your PMS and it can respond to any guest inquiry whether it’s Airbnb, VRBO, or any other OTAs. You can also embed it on your direct booking site.

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Why you should choose Guest Guru?

Guest Guru Features graphic

Here is a detailed analysis of Guest Guru and its features.

AI-Generated Personalized Responses

Say goodbye to generic responses. Guest Guru crafts personalized replies to guest queries, ensuring each interaction feels unique and tailored.

Property Information Utilization

Armed with details about your property, Guest Guru efficiently addresses guest inquiries regarding amenities, check-in/check-out times, and more, cutting down the time you’d spend on repetitive questions.

24/7 Availability

While traditional solutions might have downtime, Guest Guru stays up round the clock, ensuring your guests receive prompt responses no matter the hour.

Critical Inquiry Escalation

Not all inquiries are created equal. Guest Guru intelligently identifies critical inquiries and escalates them to you, ensuring urgent matters receive your immediate attention. You can also add custom keywords to escalate messages.

Customizable Bot Tone

With Guest Guru, the conversation never feels robotic. Customize the tone of the bot to align with your brand or personal hosting style, making the interaction feel human and engaging.

Continuous Learning

It is not just a tool; it’s a learning companion. With each interaction, it becomes more adept at understanding and responding to guest inquiries, enhancing the guest experience over time.

Integration with Property Management Systems (PMS)

Hook it up with your Property Management Systems (PMS), and voila! Guest Guru becomes your central communication hub across Airbnb, VRBO, and other OTAs

Cross-Platform Functionality

Manage guest communications across various booking platforms from a singular, intuitive interface. Guest Guru acts as a bridge, streamlining the communication process regardless of where the booking originates.

Guest Guru is more than an automated messaging tool. It enhances your guest experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Automation is crucial for timely and efficient guest communication. 
  • Guest Guru overcomes the limitations of traditional automation solutions. 
  • Personalized responses, round-the-clock availability, and learning from each interaction set Guest Guru apart. 
  • Easy integration with various platforms simplifies guest communication management.
  • Adopting Guest Guru can significantly enhance the guest experience and your hosting reputation.


To sum it up, Guest Guru makes hosting easier. It helps you avoid using the same boring messages all the time and dealing with a ton of messages. Instead, it gives guests a personalized response for each of their queries. When you use Guest Guru, you save time and ensure a 5-star guest experience that guests will love and will want to come back. So, give Guest Guru a try and make your hosting even better!