How to Automate Airbnb Messages with Airbnb’s Built-In Feature?


Have you ever wondered if there’s a more efficient way to handle Airbnb messages?

As a host, managing multiple inquiries and guest interactions can become a task. 

Automating your Airbnb messages might be the solution you’re looking for. 

It’s a practical approach that ensures timely responses without the constant manual effort.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to set up and benefit from automated messaging on Airbnb, helping you streamline communication and enhance your hosting experience.


  • Airbnb message automation: A tool for hosts to send pre-set responses automatically.
  • Benefits: Saves time, ensures timely communication, and enhances guest experience.
  • Customization: Tailor your messages to fit your unique hosting style.
  • Enhancing Guest Experience: Quick responses, consistent info, and a personal touch.
  • Limitations: Lacks full autonomy and might miss the genuine warmth of personal interactions.
  • Conclusion: A balance between automation and personal touch is key for successful hosting.

What Are Airbnb Automated Messages?

Airbnb automated messages are pre-set responses that hosts can configure to be sent out automatically based on specific triggers or timeframes. This feature doesn’t offer complete autonomy, you may need to get up at 2am to answer guest inquiry.

For instance, once a guest books a stay, an automated message can instantly provide them with check-in details. Or, a day before their arrival, a message can be sent with directions or any last-minute instructions. 

These messages are designed to streamline communication, ensuring guests receive timely and essential information without the host having to send each message manually.

Why Should Hosts Consider Airbnb Message Automation?

So, you’re an Airbnb host, and you’re probably thinking, “Is automating my messages really worth it?” 

Let’s chat about that. 

Imagine not having to pull out your phone every time a new booking comes in to send out check-in details. 

Or not having to remember to send that friendly reminder about house rules. 

With Airbnb’s built-in features, you can sit back and let the automation do it.

Everyone expects quick replies, automated messages ensure your guests aren’t left waiting.

And let’s be real, the less time you spend on repetitive tasks, the more time you have to focus on creating an amazing experience for your guests. 

So, considering Airbnb message automation? 

It might just be one of the best decisions you make for your Airbnb business.

How to Set Up Automatic Messages on Airbnb?

Automating your Airbnb messages is a big time saver for hosts. It ensures timely communication and enhances the guest experience. 

Here’s how to get started.

Access Your Inbox:

Begin by logging into your Airbnb account. Once you’re in, head straight to your inbox.

Quick Replies:

Within the inbox, you’ll spot an option labeled ‘Quick Replies’. Click on it. This feature allows you to craft responses that you find yourself frequently sending. Whether it’s answers to common questions or general information about your listing, set them up here for faster communication.

Scheduled Messages:

Look for the ‘Scheduled Messages’ option. This feature lets you automate messages based on specific triggers. You can send a message right after a booking is confirmed, Or perhaps a friendly reminder on the day of check-in.

Choose Your Triggers:

You can set the criteria to send out these messages. These are called triggers and you can choose them. Common ones include ‘Booking Confirmed’, ‘Check-In’, and ‘Check-Out’. Craft your messages accordingly.

Save & Review:

Once you’ve set up your quick replies and scheduled messages, make sure to save your settings.

What Are Some Examples of Airbnb Automated Messages?

Automated messages on Airbnb can be real lifesavers for hosts. They not only save time but also ensure guests receive consistent and timely information. 

Curious about what these messages might look like? 

Let’s explore a few examples:

Booking Confirmation: “Hello [Guest Name]! Thanks for choosing our place. We’re excited to host you. Expect a message soon with check-in details. Safe travels!”

Check-In Reminder (Day Before Arrival): 

“Hi [Guest Name], just a quick reminder about your check-in tomorrow. The key will be in the lockbox, and the code is 1234. Let us know if you have any questions!”

House Rules: 

“Welcome, [Guest Name]! We hope you settle in comfortably. Just a heads up, quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am. Enjoy your stay!”

Check-Out Instructions: 

“Good morning, [Guest Name]. As you prepare to check out, please ensure all windows are closed and lights turned off. Safe onward journey!”

These are just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless. Tailor your messages to fit the unique offerings and rules of your listing, and you’re good to go!

Can You Customize Airbnb Automated Messages Templates?

Absolutely! Airbnb understands that every host and property is unique, and one-size-fits-all messages might not always hit the mark. 

That’s why the platform allows hosts to customize automated message templates to their liking.

Whether you want to add a personal touch, highlight specific amenities, or share unique check-in instructions, you can tailor each message. 

For instance, if you offer a special welcome basket for guests, you can mention it in your booking confirmation message. 

Or if you have specific parking instructions, you can include those details in your check-in reminder. 

The key is to ensure your messages resonate with your hosting style and provide guests with the information they need, all while keeping that personal touch intact.

How Does Airbnb Auto Reply Enhance Guest Experience?

Airbnb auto-replies or automated messages feature helps you enhance the guest experience.

Here are some benefits of using automation.

Timely Responses:

We all like quick answers, right? With auto-replies, guests get instant responses, be it about room availability or the best coffee shop nearby.

Consistent Communication:

Auto replies mean every guest gets the same, accurate info. No mix-ups or misunderstandings.

Personal Touch:

Sure, the messages are automated, but they can still feel personal. A warm “Welcome, [Guest Name]!” goes a long way.

Proactive Approach:

Why wait for guests to have questions? Auto replies can give them the info they might need upfront, making their stay even smoother.

Bottom line? Airbnb auto-reply combines the best of quick responses with that personal touch, making guests feel looked after from booking to goodbye.

Are There Any Limitations to Airbnb Message Automation?

Airbnb message automation is a step in the right direction, but let’s get real for a moment. While it’s useful, it doesn’t give you full autonomy. 

Here are some limitations:

Limited Personal Touch:

Sure, automated messages can handle the basics, but they often miss that genuine warmth and understanding that only a personal touch can bring, especially in those unique or sensitive situations.

Just Scratching the Surface:

The automation feature covers a few touchpoints, but what about the rest? It’s like having a semi-automatic car when you really want a fully automatic.

Not Quite There Yet:

While it’s a start, Airbnb’s built-in automation might not fully grasp or respond to those super-specific guest queries. It’s like having a helper who knows a bit, but not everything.

Seeking More:

If you’re looking for a solution that’s truly autonomous, covering all bases and touchpoints, the built-in feature might leave you wanting more.

So, while Airbnb’s automation is a good starting point, if you’re aiming for the stars in guest communication, you might need to look beyond and explore more comprehensive solutions.

Key Takeaways

Automation Efficiency:

Airbnb’s built-in features allow hosts to automate messages, ensuring guests receive timely and essential information.


While messages are automated, they can be tailored to resonate with your hosting style and guest needs.

Enhanced Guest Experience:

Quick responses, consistent communication, and proactive information sharing enhance the overall guest experience.

Limitations Exist:

The built-in automation is a great start, but it doesn’t offer complete autonomy. Hosts seeking a fully autonomous solution might need to explore beyond Airbnb’s features.

The Balance is Crucial:

The key to successful hosting lies in striking the right balance between automation efficiency and genuine personal interactions.


Airbnb message automation is undeniably a powerful tool for hosts, streamlining communication and enhancing guest experience. While it has its limitations, striking the right balance between automation and personal interaction can lead to efficient, meaningful, and memorable exchanges, setting the stage for successful hosting and happy guests.