How to automate Airbnb guest messages using AI?



Are you an Airbnb host who gets hundreds of messages daily. You have probably hired an extra staff to reply to those messages or maybe you are answering yourself? 

Let me Rephrase please,

Ever felt like your Airbnb inbox is a never-ending party where guests keep pouring in with questions, and you’re the only one serving the drinks?

Here is a fun fact, We asked Guest Guru users with 50+ units about the time they spend replying to guest messages. The results were interesting. 

On average, they get 300+ messages on Airbnb daily and they spend 10+ hours a week to reply to these Airbnb guest messages. If you have hired the extra staff then it’s an additional cost and you are still not able to maintain a good response rate because they can’t stay up all night.

Imagine saving those hours and spending more time with your family and also controlling the overhead and growing your business. 

The solution to this problem is to use AI to automate Airbnb guest messages. It’s really simple and we will go into detail on this so stay tuned if you want to learn more about using AI to reply to Airbnb guest messages.


  1. Airbnb hosts face the challenge of managing hundreds of messages daily.
  2. Traditional methods, including hiring extra staff, can be costly and inefficient.
  3. AI, specifically Chat GPT, offers a promising solution but has its limitations.
  4. Guest Guru is an AI chatbot designed specifically for Airbnb hosts to automate guest communication.
  5. Using Guest Guru can save time, reduce costs, and improve guest experience.

Why Is Guest Communication Crucial for Airbnb Hosts?

The Importance of Timely Communication

Before a guest can book a property for their stay, the only place to interact is either AirBnB inbox or emails. Most of the time it’s in the AirBnB inbox.This is the main touchpoint between a host and a guest.

This is where the trust is earned and the deal is made, if you can timely reply and negotiate with your customer then you get business. There are fewer days for the property to be empty and more days it stays occupied.

So Guest Communication plays the most crucial role here in making the sale. It needs to be prompt, accurate, and on point. 

Any delay or lag can result in a loss of potential customers and revenue. The best of superb guest communication is more returning customers and repeat bookings, you get more 5-star reviews and that means more business and trust. 

So guest communication plays a very crucial role in enhancing the Guest experience.

However, delivering a superb guest experience can be quite challenging for AirBnB hosts who have more than 20 listings. Let’s take a look at those common challenges.

Common Challenges in Airbnb Guest Messaging:

Time Constraints: Every Airbnb host, whether new or seasoned, faces challenges in guest messaging. These challenges can range from property management, Guest experience, Guest Communication, and many more.

The most significant challenge is time constraints, there is no usual time for guest messages. It can be as early as in the morning or as late as midnight. So it becomes challenging for hosts to stay up all the time and answer those guest messages.

Handling inquiries from guests in different time zones: Handling inquiries from guests in different time zones is like playing whack-a-mole. Just when you’ve responded to one, another pops up from a different corner of the world!

Even with bigger hosts, who have properties spread across countries, it becomes challenging to keep up with everyone. You can hire extra staff but it’s still a big challenge when it comes to the costs.

Personalizing communication for diverse guests profits:

One way to manage these problems is by using canned responses. These canned responses can easily be identified as systematic or scheduled so they don’t help with relationship building with guests due to lack of personalization. 

While canned responses offer a quick solution, they often lack the personal touch that guests appreciate. Instead of feeling valued, guests might feel they’re just another booking.

There are solutions for these problems but they have their Cons.

One is to use custom automation to reply to guest messages which is complicated to set up and costly, you can also hire VAs but they cost you more and only add up to your overhead, you can use merge tags and other personalization elements in the automated message to automate but that only adds to the misery because sometimes it can look like this.

Problems with automated airbnb messaging using templates image

It’s easy to see where this could go wrong, right?

These problems are real and are the biggest hurdle in growing your Hospitality business. With inflation hitting an all-time high you want to make sure that you cut the costs while delivering the same guest experience.

There are softwares in market promising to automate your guest messaging but they all offer you a variety of templates to be used as automated replies. They lack the ability to intercept, analyze, and reply to a message by generating a personalized response instead of using a pre-written message.

The Rise of AI in Guest Communication:

Chat GPT launch

OpenAI announced its Chat GPT model in November 2022. Remember those sci-fi movies where robots could talk just like humans? Well, with Chat GPT, that future is now – minus the robot uprising, of course!

Chat GPT, developed by OpenAI, is a revolutionary AI model designed to understand and generate human-like text. It’s like having a virtual assistant that can converse naturally, making it a useful tool for Airbnb hosting.

Chat GPT functions similarly to the human brain, it can analyze the content fed and generate responses based on its understanding. 

Now, there’s renewed hope. Many began to wonder: Can we use Chat GPT to automate Airbnb guest messages? While some attempted manual methods or custom automation, the results were often disappointing. Chat GPT knows everything which makes it bad for specialized cases. 

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What is Guest Guru?

Chat GPT launch: Guest Guru is an AI chatbot for AirBnB hosts that automates guest communication. It automatically replies to guest messages and posts replies in the inbox.

What problems does a Guest Guru solves?

Guest Guru addresses some of the biggest challenges faced by AirBnB hosts. As they often need someone who can

  1. Reply any time of the day or night, that can stay 24×7
  2. Write personalized responses and do not use templates
  3. Just sounds like you
  4. Understand the context like an Assistant would and reply properly.

So now you may be thinking about how you can automate your AirBnB guest communication.

How to Automate Airbnb Guest Messages Using Guest Guru:

Getting started with Guest Guru is really simple. Here is a simple step-by-step Guide:

  1. Sign up for Guest Guru and create your account.
  2. Integrate Guest Guru with your Property Management System (PMS).
  3. Import your property listings to Guest Guru.
  4. Set up your preferred communication parameters and let the AI handle the rest.

Note: Guest Guru can only connect with your Airbnb listing via a PMS. Check out supported PMS here.

You can also watch this Guest Guru product demo.

Key Takeaways

  • The challenge: Airbnb hosts are inundated with messages, leading to increased costs and time spent managing communications.
  • The AI promise: While AI, like Chat GPT, can understand and generate human-like text, it’s not always perfect for specialized tasks.
  • The Solution: Guest Guru is an AI chatbot for Airbnb hosts, aiming to automate guest communication effectively.
  • Benefits: Automating guest communication with Guest Guru can lead to increased efficiency, reduced overhead costs, and an enhanced guest experience.


In conclusion, the importance of guest communication can not be emphasized enough. It is the most important part of delivering a 5-star guest experience. To ensure that superb guest experience it requires 24-hour support for guests. This is where AI can make your life easier, you can use AI chatbots like Guest Guru to automate airbnb guest messages, which sounds like you and follows your instructions, it stays up all the time and ensures guests are properly served. Helping you create that white glove service.

So, if you want to trade in your 24/7 messaging marathon for a relaxed evening with your favorite show, give Guest Guru a try. Your inbox will thank you.