Guest Guru vs Yada: A Comparative Analysis

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Are you looking to automate your guest messaging but not sure which tool to choose?

Guest Guru and Yada are both popular options among the STRs. In this article, we’ll explore their key features, pricing models, user feedback, and integration capabilities, providing a comprehensive comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Guest Guru: The AI Chatbot for Guest Communication

Guest Guru is a conversational AI platform designed to automate guest communications for short-term rentals. It uses natural language processing (NPL) to understand and respond to guest inquiries, providing prompt, accurate, and personalized responses any time of the day or night.

What are some Key Features of Guest Guru?

1. Conversational AI Platform: Guest Guru boasts a conversational AI platform that not only responds to guest queries but can also be personalized to fit the unique voice of your property or brand.

2. Continuous Learning: The platform learns from each interaction and improves over time. It ensures timely and accurate responses to Guest queries.

3. Fully Automated Messaging: You don’t have to reply to guest’s queries anymore because it autonomously replies and takes care of guest messages for all your properties.

4. Escalation for Important Messages: It has the ability to identify the critical or important queries and inform the Host Immediately. This brings your attention to critical queries.

5. Customizable Tone: Every brand has its voice, and Guest Guru recognizes that. The platform allows for tone customization, ensuring that guest interactions feel personal and authentic.

6. Integration with PMSes: It Seamlessly integrates with Property Management Systems to connect with your properties or OTAs. Check supported PMSes here.

7. Embed on Direct Booking Sites: You can also embed Guest Guru Bot on your direct booking sites. It shows up as a small chat popup.

GuestGuru Pricing Overview

GuestGuru has a per unit pricing model. It allows hosts to automate their first property for just $1 with all features. Additional properties are priced at $14 monthly, but it also offers Volume Discounts as well.

Guest Guru Pricing Page

User Feedback

GuestGuru users like how it sends automatic replies to guests. These replies sound personal because users can change how they sound. Another thing users like is how GuestGuru works well with other PMS they use and easily embeds with Direct Booking Sites. If there’s an important message from a guest, GuestGuru makes sure the host sees it.

Yada: The Guest Relationship Management Solution

Yada is an AI-powered guest relationship management solution designed to automate messaging for AirBnBs, Short Term Rentals, and Hotels. It also uses Natural language Processing (NLP) and it is designed to provide instant resolutions, enhance guest satisfaction, and reduce team workloads.

What are some Key Features of Yada?

1. Conversational AI Platform: Yada offers a robust conversational AI platform, designed to interact with guests seamlessly, providing them with instant responses to their queries.

2. Continuous Learning: Yada’s platform is built to evolve. With each guest interaction, it learns and refines its responses, ensuring that communication remains relevant and accurate.

3. Automated Messaging: Automate your guest communications with Yada. The platform handles guest messages, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

4. Customizable Tone: Yada understands the importance of brand voice. Customize the platform’s tone to align with your brand’s personality, ensuring authentic and personalized guest interactions.

5. Integration with PMSes: Integration is smooth with Yada. It seamlessly syncs with various Property Management Systems, streamlining your operations.

6. Embed on Direct Booking Sites: Boost your direct bookings by embedding Yada on your website. With instant responses, guests are more likely to complete their bookings with confidence.

Yada Pricing OverView

Yada offers a free plan with basic features like a chat widget and PMS integration. For hosts with more extensive needs, there’s the “Host” plan at $12.49, which includes features like a chatbot on all channels and GPT4 powered AI. They also have a “Pro” plan priced at $17.99 for advanced users, which is coming soon.

Yada pricing page

User Feedback

People using Yada are happy with its chat feature but sometimes their AI mentions that it is AI Chatbot. Users also like that they can add Yada to their booking websites, which helps get more bookings. Plus, Yada can change how it talks to match the style of the user’s brand, and it keeps getting better over time.


While both Guest Guru and Yada offer robust features for automating guest communications and streamlining operations, Guest Guru stands out with its superior AI capabilities, continuous learning feature, and ability to provide prompt, accurate, and personalized responses 24/7. The choice between these platforms ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences, but for a more engaging, responsive, and continuously improving solution, Guest Guru is the clear choice.