5 Best Airbnb Guest Messaging Software in 2023



Are you searching for the best Airbnb guest messaging software in 2023? Indeed there are lots of emerging software with diverse feature sets, In fact, some of them are highly specialized in performing certain tasks while others are broad and perform a variety of functions.

Here is a list of the five best guest messaging software based on their Key features, Pricing, Pros, and cons. Although there is no particular order but you can use this information to make a decision. 

Below is a list of the five software that can help you automate Airbnb guest messaging with AI.

Disclosure: We have an association with Guest Guru. Our review bases on our experience and research, however we always strive to provide unbiased and accurate information to our readers.

Guest Guru

Firstly, Guest Guru is a pioneer guest messaging software for Airbnb Hosts, Property Managers, or Property owners, automate your Airbnb guest communication or any other OTAs including VRBO and Booking.com.

Additionally, it automatically replies to Post-booking guest queries, helping to automate the FAQs and repeated guest inquiries to deliver a 5-star guest experience when occupied.

Screenshot of Guest Guru app dashboard showing various messaging features and settings. guest guru is a guest messaging software.

Key Features

Autonomous replies: The Guest Guru AI chatbot operates independently in Auto-host mode. This feature ensures that no guest inquiry goes unanswered, no matter the volume or time of day.

Alternatively, The bot can be supervised in SMS mode where the Host approves a response and then the bot sends it out.

Personalized Responses:

Rather than providing generic replies, Guest Guru tailors its responses based on the guest’s inquiry and previous interactions.

This ensures that each guest feels acknowledged and valued, enhancing their overall experience.

Escalates Critical Inquiries to you:

While Guest Guru handles the majority of inquiries, it can intelligently recognize when a matter requires human intervention. 

In such cases, it promptly escalates the issue to the designated staff or management, ensuring that critical matters are addressed promptly and effectively.


  • Integrates with a variety of PMS and channel managers
  • You’re in the driver’s seat – approve or reject responses.
  • Seamlessly integrates on your direct booking site


  • The chatbot bot only understands English
  • The unified inbox is being developed
  • Primarily handles post-booking guest communication


Guest Guru has a free trial, Airbnb hosts can get their first property automated at $1 per month, and then it’s $14 per month per property.

Screenshot of Guest Guru app pricing page showing its pricing tiers and plans.


Next, Yada is another emerging guest messaging software. Its an AI-powered guest relationship management solution designed specifically for the Hospitality Industry. It focuses primarily to automate guest messaging to enhance guest experiences and reduce team workloads.

Screenshot of Yada app dashboard showing various messaging features and settings. Yada is a guest messaging software.

Key Features

  • Integration with PMS: It integrates with PMSes and Social Media Channels. This ensures that all your guest messages are automated. 
  • Unified Inbox: It has a unified inbox where you can access all ongoing chats and make sure no chat goes unanswered.
  • Auto translate: It can translate in up to 130+ languages. This allows hosts to ensure effective and clear communication.


  • Getting started with Yada is quick, taking less than 10 minutes.
  • Easy to integrate with a variety of Property Management Systems.
  • It can be embedded on your direct booking site


  • It has limited PMSes integrated
  • Limited information available


It offers a free trial and its basic plan starts at $12.49

Screenshot of yada app showing its pricing options and plans.

Book Me Bob

Book Me Bob is a guest messaging software especially designed for the hospitality, tourism, and experiences industry. According to their website its an AI chatbot and trained by hoteliers for the hoteliers. 

Interestingly It seems to focus more on the hotel industry. The bot can perform a wide variety of tasks which include answering questions, making bookings, and customer support.

Screenshot of Book Me Bob app website showing its Homepage. Book me bob is a guest messaging software

Key Features

AI Chatbot: Book Me Bob provides a chatbot that can be used to answer customer questions, make bookings, and provide support.

Furthermore, the chatbot is integrated with myma.ai’s AI platform, which gives it access to a vast database of knowledge about the hospitality, tourism, and experiences industry.

Proactive Messages: Notably, It can send welcome messages to guests unprompted. Like drip campaigns, it can make suggestions to the guests about the best-suited rooms for them. 

Integration with other systems: It can be integrated with popular Social media platforms (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger) and customer relationship management (CRM) software like Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.


  • One of the biggest advantage is that It’s available round the clock 24×7
  • It also has a Upselling capability
  • Moreover, It generates natural, non-robotic responses.


  • It lacks crucial Integrations with PMSes
  • Chatbot design can be improved further
  • Its machine-learning mechanics need to be enhanced


They offer a variety of pricing plans to fit the different users. The lowest pricing plan starts at 79 USD.

Screenshot of Book Me Bob website Pricing Page showing its Pricing plans and tiers.


HelloHosty is an AI chatbot also known as Alina. Its a guest messaging software for hotels and resorts to improve their service and increase their revenue. It’s a cloud-based solution that can be integrated with a variety of PMS and CRM systems. 

Notably, The AI chatbot can perform a variety of service tasks, such as answering questions, making bookings, and providing support. It can also be used to collect feedback from customers.

However, Hello Hosty is a relatively newer platform and there is not much information available on their website.

Screenshot of HelloHosty website showing its homepage and content. Hellohosty is a guest messaging software.

Key Features

  • AI-powered Messaging: With the AI-powered chatbot can generate personalized replies using AI to answer guest queries. 
  • Instant Communication: Whether it’s a booking query or a special request, the bot instantly replies to guest queries.
  • Learns from Conversations: Importantly, Alina can analyze and learn from the conversations, so it gets smart over time with constant training.


  • One of the pros is that it’s an AI-powered Chatbot
  • Additionally, it learns over time from the conversations
  • Also, it has a unified inbox


  • There is no mention of any integrations
  • Moreover, it’s currently in development


Although, they don’t have any diverse pricing options but their Early adopter pricing plans start at GBP 10. This indicates that it’s still in Beta.

Screenshot of Hellohosty Pricing page showing its Early adopter Plan.


EnsoAI is a powerful guest messaging software. It uses GPT 4 capabilities for its AI chatbot. The Chatbot helps hosts and hoteliers to manage their guest communication. 

The chatbot provides instant, personalized, and automated responses to guest inquiries, ensuring efficient and effective communication.

Screenshot of Enso AI website showing its homepage. Enso Ai is a guest messaging software.

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Messaging: The Chatbot can suggest and generate automatic replies that are personalized and quick.
  • Content Customization: It empowers hosts and hoteliers to craft content that aligns with their brand tone, image, and guest personas. 
  • AI-Driven Revenue Opportunities: It enables vacation rental managers and hoteliers to effortlessly create upsells, unlocking new revenue streams in a matter of seconds.


  • Automated and instant guest responses reduce the chances of human errors and long response times.
  • Custom content creation aligns with brand identity, enhancing guest experience.
  • AI-driven upselling opportunities can significantly boost revenue.


  • Over-reliance on AI might sometimes miss the human touch in communication.
  • Potential challenges in integrating with existing PMS or CRM systems.
  • Requires regular monitoring to ensure AI responses align with brand values and guest expectations.


Their pricing is not publicly available and they do not offer a trial as well.

Screenshot of Enso Ai Pricing page showing contact form to request a Demo


Consequently, if you’re searching for the best Airbnb guest messaging software in 2023, the options are many and varied. For instance, Guest Guru offers AI-driven autonomous replies, ensuring timely responses to guest inquiries. Similarly, Yada stands out with its language translation features. On the other hand, Book Me Bob, tailored for the hotel industry, emphasizes natural, non-robotic responses. Likewise, Hellohosty, though newer, promises AI-powered messaging that learns over time. Lastly, EnsoAI, leveraging OpenAI’s GPT-4, focuses on personalized and automated guest communication. 

Indeed, each software has its unique strengths and challenges. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider their key features, pros, cons, and pricing to make an informed decision that best suits your needs. For more details you can visit their websites for more information.