Ever Played 20 Questions with Guests at 2 AM?

From 'Where's the extra bedding?' to 'How does this smart lock work again?', we've got the answers so you don't have to. Dive in and see our AI concierge in action.

How AI can help you?

Always On, Never Off Duty

Catch those midnight queries without losing sleep.

Cut the Costs, Not the Service:

Deliver top-tier guest support without the extra staff

Swift and Sure:

Rapid responses that hit the mark every time

Ask the Guest Guru Bot yourself

Go on, throw any property-related question at our chatbot. Whether it's about the property details, guest info, or specific instructions, our bot's got the lowdown. But remember, ask it where the crown jewels are, and it'll keep mum – and give you, the host, a heads-up!


Why STRs Love Guest Guru?

Easy to use and imports information from your PMS. A very active support team and quick delivery of features.


Guest Guru is an AI chatbot that streamlines Airbnb communications, efficiently handling guest inquiries and reducing the workload for hosts managing multiple properties.


GuestGuru can take all guest communications and pretty much automatize them, and it learns the model based on your response. It's brilliant, a time-saving tool, fantastic.

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Sounds Like You:

Customize the chatbot to reflect your property's unique voice and vibe

Always Learning:

Our bot remembers new questions and gets smarter with every interaction.

Your Chats, Your Business:

Conversations are private, ensuring guest confidentiality.

Always on Duty:

Whether it's a midday query or a midnight reservation, our bot's got it covered

Beyond Your Site:

Integrate with social media and popular booking platforms.

Budget-Friendly Brilliance:

More intelligent and cost-effective than a virtual assistant.

Ready to Turn the Tables on Traditional Guest Communication?

Jump on the GuestGuru bandwagon and watch those guest reviews soar.