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Airbnb Scheduled Messages

Have you ever drafted a message and hesitated, thinking, "I should send this later"? Perhaps you don't want to respond to a message late at night or during someone's work day. Then, when the appropriate time came, you completely forgot about it? No need to fret anymore, because scheduled messages have got you covered now.

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The perks it brings to your life as a host

Set Delivery Time

Scheduled messages allow users to specify the exact date and time they want the message to be delivered when it's most convenient for them.

Respect Recipients' Time Zones

Scheduled messages allow users to respect recipients' time zones by scheduling messages to be delivered at appropriate times based on the recipients' locations. This ensures messages are received during recipients' active hours, minimizing disruption.

Draft in Advance

This feature is particularly useful when users want to prepare messages ahead of time but don't want to send them immediately.

Practical Implications

Send Thank you Message

Hosts can send messages to thank the guests shortly after they confirm their booking, during their stay and after they leave.

Check-in Reminders

Scheduled messages can help to remind the guests regarding their booking some days prior to their stay.

Check-out reminder

Hosts can also send check-out reminders near to the end of the guest’s trip.

Request Feedback

Feedback can be collected via messages scheduled after the guests leave. these messages can keep reminding them to fill up the feedback surveys.

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Yes, you can schedule messages to be sent at any point before, during, or after a guest’s stay.

There isn’t a specific limit, but it’s recommended to use scheduled messages judiciously to enhance the guest experience.

Yes, you can edit or cancel scheduled messages before they are sent

No, guests won’t be notified that a message has been scheduled; it appears as a regular message in their inbox.

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