Always stay on top of your guest messages
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Automate guest messages on Airbnb,, VRBO, or any OTA with GuestGuru AI chatbot.

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Reduce the time spent on Guest messaging

Say goodbye to endless hours spent typing out replies. GuestGuru AI chatbot handles the bulk of messaging, allowing you to:


Focus on Personalized Hosting: With more free time, add those special touches that make your Airbnb stand out.

Streamline Your Workflow: Manage guest communication efficiently, making your hosting duties more manageable.

Enjoy Your Hosting Journey: Less time on messaging means more time for what you love about being an Airbnb host.

It takes less time to train AI than your VA team

Automate Your Repeated Guest FAQs

GuestGuru's AI chatbot takes the lead in answering those repetitive FAQs. This not only ensures quick, consistent responses but also:

Maintains High-Quality Interaction:  Every guest receives timely and accurate information, enhancing their overall experience.

Reduces Workload:  Free up your schedule from repetitive tasks, allowing you to concentrate on enhancing your service.

Builds Guest Confidence:  Prompt answers to FAQs help in building trust and confidence among your guests.

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Struggling to scale due to Customer Service Bottleneck?

Improve Communication with Guests During Their Stay

GuestGuru AI is like a mini virtual assistant that answers day to day guest message. It enhances the guest experience with.

Timely Check-In Instructions: Automated, clear instructions for a smooth check-in process.

On-Demand Support: Provide guests with immediate assistance for any queries or issues during their stay.

Personalized Touches:Use the time saved by automation to offer personalized recommendations or assistance that elevate the guest experience.

Improve communication with guests during their stay


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Smoothly import property info from your PMS

Approve or Reject responses

Get notified for critical guest inquiries via SMS mode

Stays up all time 24x7

Learns from each interaction

Integrates on Direct Booking site

How It Works?


Step 1

Integrate With PMS


Step 2

Import Properties


Step 3

AI starts replying

Pricing as low as $1 per month


Why STRs Love Guest Guru?

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Easy to use and imports information from your PMS. A very active support team and quick delivery of features.

Edi Property Manager

Guest Guru is an AI chatbot that streamlines Airbnb communications, efficiently handling guest inquiries and reducing the workload for hosts managing multiple properties.

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GuestGuru can take all guest communications and pretty much automatize them, and it learns the model based on your response. It's brilliant, a time-saving tool, fantastic.

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Mark Simpson

Need someone to step in When you are busy?

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